The Benefits of Working With D.P. Murphy

  • Staff Card

    This card and its benefits are available to all team members of the company and is issued to you within the first complete pay cycle. The card and its benefits are for the PERSONAL use of the cardholder and are not transferable to anyone else. For example, the discounts apply to the items purchased by that team member for their own personal comsumption or use. All operations will ask to see the team member's card together with picture ID before giving any discount. Managers have the right to seize cards that are improperly used. The benefits attached to the card are as follows:

    20% Discount on meal/food purchase at the following locations:
    • All Wendy's Restaurants in PEI
    • All Tim Hortons Restaurants in PEI
  • 10% Discount on meal/food purchases at the following locations:
    • Boston Pizza
    • Dalvay by the Sea
  • FREE Individual Health Club Memberships at the Spa Total Fitness Centre (Charlottetown), Atlantic Fitness Centre (Montague) and Iron Haven Gym (two locations in Summerside.
    • Note: When using any of the health club facilities, you must sign in at the front desk and present your Team Member's Card and picture ID. It is important when using the facilities that club rules and regulations are adhered to.
  • $0.75 Reduction on all Taxi Fares to or from work with Co-op Taxi Line Limited in Charlottetown and Montague Cab in Montague.
  • FREE Tee Times at Stanhope Golf Course after 12 noon. Call to book a time.
  • D.P Murphy Inc. Lawton's Drug and Sobey's Pharmacy Program (must have authorized cards to be eligible).
  • Dr. Beer Hickey & Associates (15 Ellis Road, Sherwood):
    • 20% discount on all eyewear for team members
    • 15% discount on all eyewear for immediate family
  • CARI Pool - Charlottetown and Credit Union Place Summerside - Beginning January 1, 2014, our complimentary swim will be for team member and one immediate family member.
  • Flower Buds Florist - 20% discount on floral arrangements. Ask for Vikki or Sandra
  • Tangerine Hair - 15% off hair cuts. Ask for Shawna.
  • Pure Spa/Moksha Yoga - 10% off all Pure Spa Services and $60.00 per month exclusive yoga.
  • Leon's Furniture - 10% off regular priced furniture and 5% off TV's and electronics.
  • Tip Top Tailers - 10% discount off all purchases.
  • Exprience Hyundai Program - Our friend and former colleague, Chris Murray, has a new role as a Sales & Leasing consultant with Experience Hyundai in Charlottetown and has graciously introduced an "Employee Purchase Program" exclusive to D. P. Murphy Inc. Any team member who visits Chris and makes a purchase of a new or certified pre-owned vehicle, will earn one full year of free oil changes and one full year of free oil changes and a $100 referral bonus! For more details, drop in to see Chris at Experience Hyundai on the Action Corner, or e-mail
  • At all times you will act and be treated as a regular guest. The D. P. Murphy Team Member's Card remains the property of D. P. Murphy Inc. and is to be surrendered upon request. Improper use of the card constitutes theft and can result in termination of employment

  • Discount on Meals When Working

    50% Discount on all food products purchased while on your break and or a half hour before or half hour after your shift (the food must be consumed on the premises).. Take home meal purchases are not eligible for the 50% discount, however you will receive the 20% discount.
  • D. P. Murphy Tuition Assistance Program:

  • The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is offered by D.P. Murphy to assist eligible Team Members raise money for post secondary education.

    Here is how it works:

    Part-time team members aged 23 years or younger that are currently attending school can enroll in the program. To maintain eligibility and receive $1,000.00 in tuition assistance, Team Members must provide D.P. Murphy with:
    • three years of continuous unbroken service
    • work a minimum of 12 hours/week while in school and 30 hours per week during the off-months (approx. 380 hours every six months).

    Hours are monitored and reviewed throughout the year. If hourly requirements are not being met, participants could be released from the program.

  • If program requirements are met, Team Members will receive the following credits:
    • Year One Credit = $200.00
    • Year Two Credit = $300.00
    • Year Three Credit = $500.00

    Conditions Apply*

    For more information regarding this program please speak with your General Manager or contact the HR Department.

  • Blue Cross Extended Health, Dental and Prescription Program (optional)

  • After a minimum of six months (depending on when you started with the company) of service, all team members are eligible to join our company health plan. In general, the plan included the following (a more detailed description of the benefits is outlined in the Blue Cross booklet available from your manager).
  • Life
    • Plan: $50,000.00 with dependants and $25,000.00 without dependants. No evidence of insurability required for newly eligible team members.
    • Reduction provisions: Coverage reduces to 50% at 65 and ceases at earlier of 70 or retirement.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    • Plan: Equal to the proportion of damage as outlined by Blue Cross.
  • Life (dependent)
    • Plan: Spouse - $10,000.00 Child - $5,000.00
    • Dependent Definition - Spouse (including common law), unmarried children from 15 days to age 21 years, full-time students to age 25.
  • Health Care Plan
    • Plan: Program pays 80% of the eligible expenses
    • Vision: $100.00, per family member (over 21 years old every 24 month period and under 21 years old every 12 month period)
    • Hospitalization: Semi-private (100% covered - paid directly to the hospital)
    • Outside Canada: General coverage plus emergency travel assistance card.
    • Prescription Drugs: Team member pays 20% of prescription drug items approved by Blue Cross (excludes oral contraceptives) at counter. Blue Cross pays remaining 80%.
  • Dental Care
    • Plan: The dental plan covers the basic services. 80% covered by insurance, 20% direct paid by subscriber.
  • Optional Life
    • Plan: Units of $10,000.00 with minimum of 2 units ($20,000.00) and maximum of 20 units ($200,000.00). Evidence of insurability required. No employer contribution.

    Cost (effective July 1, 2013):

    At the present time, the total cost for a family is $166.80 per month and $80.95 per month for single coverage. Please note this rate is subject to change on the group anniversary date. D. P. Murphy Inc. covers 50% of the above premiums with any employee enrolled on our plan.

    • Example: Company pays 50% of the Health & Dental Premium

      Employees pays 50% of the Health & Dental premium plus 100% of the Life Benefit

  • Employee Referral Program

  • You can earn extra money by referring your friends and family members to us for possible employment.

    You can make as many referrals as you wish! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer or the number of bonuses you can receive.

    REFER - Complete & submit an employee referral form

    RECRUIT - Encourage your referral(s) to apply

    REWARD - Receive a $100.00 bonus!*

    *Once your referral successfully completes 90 days of employment

    *Minus statutory payroll deductions

    Conditions Apply*

    For more information regarding this program please speak with your General Manager or contact the HR Department.

  • Team Member Rewards Program

    Thank You Rewards Redemption Form March 2014 (PDF)
    The D.P. Murphy Inc. Thank You Rewards Program is designed to thank and reward team members for their efforts and achievements. Your managers will hand out 'Thank You' points to you and your co-workers that you can collect and redeem for great prizes. For more information please click on the link above to view our Rewards Program poster.

    To redeem your "Thank You" points for rewards, simply complete the redemption form and return it along with the appropriate number of points to the D.P. Murphy Inc. team member "Thank You" Rewards Program by using one of our postage paid envelopes. You can get the redemption forms and envelopes from your store manager.

    The D.P. Murphy Inc. team member "Thank You" Rewards Program will then mail the reward of your choice to your home. Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery. If you do not receive it within this time frame, please call the D.P. Murphy Inc. team member "Thank You" Rewards Program at (902) 368-3727 to inquire about its status.

  • Gym Membership

    We are pleased to offer our team members free fitness memberships! This is a great way to relax and wind down after a busy day at work. The locations team members have access to:

    • The Spa Total Fitness Centre in Charlotteotwn
    • Atlantic Fitness Centre in Montague
    • Iron Haven Gym - two locations in Summerside
    When using any of the health club facilities, team members must present their staff card and picture ID. It is important when using these facilities that club rules and regulations are adhered to.
  • Golf Membership

    We are thrilled to be working with the Stanhope Golf Course to bring you a terrific seasons of golf. This company benefit is free of charge to all our valued team members. Tee-off times are available any day of the week, after 12 noon. Team members must present their current D.P Murphy Inc. staff card, along with their photo ID, and sign in at the desk before they will be permitted to play.