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  • <b>Tim Horton's Easter Seals Ambassador's School Tour a Huge Success!</b>

    The 39th Annual Tim Horton Easter Seals Ambassador's School Tour has finished and once again it was a huge success! Over the six days from April 18 - 25, our Easter Seal Ambassador, Brayden White, and his entourage visited 65 school to raise awareness and monies for the Easter Seal Campaign. On behalf of the Students, Teachers and Parents, a total of $39,714.50 was raised through various fundraisers at the schools.

    I would like to say a huge o thank Brayden for doing a amazing job as our Easter Seal Ambassador. Brayden is 12 years old and has Downe Syndrome. He had no problem delivering his message at every school - - Be Brave, Never Give Up!. I also want to say thank you to Brayden's Dad - Melvin Ford and the rest of the family for undertaking this role. It is quite a committment from the family.

    A huge thank you to the Island teachers, students and parents for your continued support of Easter Seals.

    Pictured here is our Ambassador, Brayden White, receiving a donation from his school Georgetown Elementary!

  • Janice Blacquiere
  • Tour Co-ordinator