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  • <b>Easter Seal Ambassador is Announced!</b>

    At a Rotary Luncheon on January 14, our 2019 Easter Seal Ambassador was announced. He is 13 year old Ty MacLeod from Summerside, PEI!!!

    Ty is a grade 7 student at Athena Consolidated. Ty has Down Syndrome but that doesn't stop him from doing all the things he loves - listening to music, baksetball, video games, dancing, playing his keyboard & guitar, watching his sister's hockey games, etc. etc.

    Ty is very sociable and is comfortable in a crowd. Ty's world is about to get a lot more crowded and hectic as he dons the coveted Ambassador's cap and makes speeches and appearances to Islanders in the coming months.

    One of Ty's biggest events will be our 40th Annual Tim Horton's Easter Seal Ambassador's School Tour taking place from April 24 - May 1st. Ty will be visiting all school across the Island delivering his message which is The Sky Is The Limit".

    Ty is excited about his role as Ambassador as is his family.

  • Janice Blacquiere, Tour Co-ordinator