Seven Employment Promises

D.P. Murphy Inc. offers all of its team members the following seven employment promises. It is company policy to ensure that these promises are honored for we want our team members time with us to be fun and rewarding.

1 Our Interview Promise
Your interview will be with a manager(s) who is genuinely interested in your experience and skills.
2 Our Orientation Promise
You will receive a thorough orientation from a manager who cares about putting you at ease and giving you the information you need to get off to a good start.
3 Our Training Promise
You will be taught all you need to know to be successful in your work by our qualified managers who are concerned about your ability to learn.
4 Our Pay Promise
You will receive your reviews on time, and your wages will be fair based on your performance and achievements.
5 Our Uniform Promise
You will receive ample uniforms at no cost and as many replacements and changes as required.
6 Our Scheduling Promise
Schedules will be posted, same day and same time, on a regular weekly basis for the upcoming week and every effort will be made to honor your scheduling needs.
7 Our Treatment Promise
Your managers will treat you with respect, recognize your accomplishments, and make your work environment as enjoyable as possible.